Leather Design Course
About The Course
Leather design. This is a small female artfulness created with you own hands. It comprises everything: embroidery, knitting, sewing, patchwork and even flower and picture arrangement.

You can make your appearance unique. You will please yourself. You will pleasantly surprise your relatives. Your friends will burst with envy: “Where did you get this handbag?”
And you just made it with your own hands! But you won't tell anyone about it—well, only if you take a commission.

And what about presents? A cosmetics bag for your friend, a trouser belt for your husband, a casket for your mother-in-law, bobby pins and trinkets for you children. And personally for you—just everything you like—from a bracelet to a new handbag!
The practical course of leather design consists of 10 classes 2 hours each. Leatherwork starts from the first class. At the second class you will make the simplest things—bobby pins, brooches decorated with flowers. By the tenth class you will master the skills of art leather working, you will know how and to what leather to apply drapery, inlay, lettering and plaiting—so all you need is some practice and you can start realizing your dream—handbags, belts, a mobile phone cover that no one except you has.

It is really simple, the main thing is to know the leatherwork technique.

And you can really learn it—attend our virtual class.
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